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OUTWARD HOUND - Treat Totter - Interactive Puzzle dog toy

OUTWARD HOUND - Treat Totter - Interactive Puzzle dog toy

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Outward Hound Treat Totter Puzzle Toy – A Interactive boredom-busters dog games for dogs!
Outward Hound Treat Totter dog puzzle game. Challenge your dogs mind with these Interactive Game Puzzle toys and stimulate your dog™s mind and in addition to building on their problem solving skills by hiding treats in the compartments your dog will learn how to retrieve the hidden treats by pawing and nuzzling at the boredom-busters dog games toy.

Simply fill the food-safe plastic base with treats or kibble and let dogs tip their way to tasty snacks.

A perfect solution to help prevent boredom, and keep your dog mentally challenged and stimulated, these toys are great for a rainy day or indoor play. Exercise your dog™s brain with these challenging puzzle toys.

Other Treat based toys can be used with their main meal for those canines watching their weight or for an extra treat throughout the day.

Puzzles available:

Triple Treat Totter
Level: Intermediate.
Teeter totter action.
3 treat basins.
1 treat loading compartment.
Outward Hound have more challenging puzzle toys, these are a two-step process to seek the hidden treats within.

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