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Major Dog Zucchini Treat Toy

Major Dog Zucchini Treat Toy

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Major Dog Zucchini Treat Toy Small | Made from Natural Rubber

With its heavy-duty construction, the Zucchini Treat Toy is built to withstand even the most enthusiastic play sessions. Simply place some dry kibble inside the Zucchini, and watch as your dog's nose pushes and rolls it around, trying to retrieve the tasty treats hidden inside.

Not only does this toy provide a fun way to turn dinner into a game, but it also helps keep your dog mentally stimulated and engaged. The challenge of retrieving the treats will keep their mind sharp and focused, providing hours of entertainment and enrichment.

The Zucchini is also a great fetch toy for dogs of all sizes. Its unique shape makes it easy for your pup to grip and carry, making it perfect for interactive playtime in the park or backyard.

Give your dog a rewarding and engaging playtime experience with the Zucchini Treat Toy. Whether they're searching for treats or enjoying a game of fetch, this versatile toy will keep them entertained and mentally stimulated. Get yours today and watch your furry friend's tail wag with joy!

A fun way to turn dinner into a game or help keep them mentally stimulated and busy while you’re busy.

Snack Zucchini by Major Dog Treat Toy.
A little interactive treat toy.
perfect for those with little paws.
As your dog’s little nose pushes and rolls around the interactive Snack Zucchini Treat Toy
The dry kibble you placed in earlier drops out for your pooch to enjoy
A fun way to turn dinner into a game or help keep them mentally stimulated and busy while you’re busy
Place your dog’s favorite treats inside this snack toy
When your dog has finished take the toy away
Made from Natural Rubber
This toy is not only tough, but it also helps massage your dog’s gums| Major Dog has worked together with trainers and dog owners in order to develop a series of special training toys that support how canines learn during playtime.
Although no dog product is completely indestructible.

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