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Major Dog Tussle Dummy - Large - Tug Toy

Major Dog Tussle Dummy - Large - Tug Toy

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Furthermore, the Major Dog Tussle Dummy, made from Natural Rubber. is ideal for tug-of-war games with or without owner help and it even flies well just like a Frisbee. a truly versatile dog toy.  A truly versatile dog toy; it flies like a Frisbee.  has easy grips for tug-of-war games and easily folds in on itself to keep your dog amused for hours. You can even fold it to carry in your pocket to the park.

Made from durable natural rubber grips connected by smooth polypropylene rope this toy is a must-have for all active canines.  Available in small and large sizes enabling all canines to enjoy the fun of the Tussle Dummy.
Although no dog product is completely indestructible, Major Dog products last longer. Besides they are suitable for supervised play and they are perfectly designed to meet dog’s needs.
Available in two sizes
Small (260g | 225mm)
Large (420g | 270mm)
Key features;
Material| 100% Natural Rubber
Dog Size Small and Medium
Made from Natural Rubber
This toy is not only tough, but it also helps massage your dog’s gums.
Major Dog has worked together with trainers and dog owners in order to develop a series of special training toys that support how canines learn during playtime.
Although no dog product is completely indestructible.

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