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Major Dog Octopus Retrieval Ball - Small - Fetch Toy

Major Dog Octopus Retrieval Ball - Small - Fetch Toy

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Looking for the perfect fetch toy that will keep your dog engaged and entertained? Look no further than the Major Dog Octopus Ball Small. Made with durable natural rubber, this heavy-duty retrieval toy can withstand even the most energetic play sessions.

The nubbed rings on the ball not only allow for easy carrying by both dog and owner but also provide a satisfying massage for your dog's gums while in their mouth. Whether you're at the park or in your own backyard, this Octopus Retrieval Ball is sure to provide endless hours of fun.

With its compact size small (340g, 120mm), it's easy to bring along on any adventure. Give your furry friend the gift of playing with the Major Dog Octopus Ball Small.

Unique Retrieval toy, the Major Dog Octopus Ball  -  it is made from natural rubber which is gentle on dog’s teeth and gums.

Key features;
Material| 100% Natural Rubber
Dog Size Small and Medium
Made from Natural Rubber
This toy is not only tough, it also helps massage your dog’s gums.
Major Dog has worked together with trainers and dog owners in order to develop a series of special training toys that support how canines learn during playtime.
Although no dog product is completely indestructible.

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