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Major Dog Buoy Dummy - Small - Fetch Toy

Major Dog Buoy Dummy - Small - Fetch Toy

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Dive into Endless Fun with the Major Dog Buoy Dummy

Make a splash and keep your water-loving canine entertained with the Major Dog Buoy Dummy. This stylish and safe floatable toy is perfect for endless fun in the water. Whether it's a game of fetch or an energetic tug of war, this versatile toy brings added excitement to your water games.

Designed with a durable rope handle, the Buoy Dummy is easy to throw, ensuring hours of fetching fun for you and your furry friend. Its camouflaged material adds a touch of style while making it easy to spot in the water. No need to worry about losing this toy during playtime!

Thanks to its filling, the Buoy Dummy remains on the surface of the water, even after hours of aquatic play. Your dog will love leaping after it and proudly carrying it back to shore for another round of fetch. Available in both small and large sizes, every dog can enjoy the thrill of chasing their very own Buoy Dummy.

Not only is this retrieval toy designed for maximum entertainment, but it's also easy to clean. Simply rinse off any dirt or slobber, and it's good to go for your next water adventure. So, dive into endless fun with the Major Dog Buoy Dummy and create unforgettable memories with your furry companion.

Available in two sizes

Small (210g| 200/360mm)

Large (360g| 270/430mm)

Material - Polyester - Bio-Baumwolle
Major Dog has worked together with trainers and dog owners in order to develop a series of special training toys that support how canines learn during playtime.
Although no dog product is completely indestructible.

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