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ZamiPet – Allergy & Itch

ZamiPet – Allergy & Itch

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ZamiPet Allergy & Itch supplement is specially formulated to target skin-specific conditions, including those resulting in itching, scratching and licking caused by atopic dermatitis, and allergens such as pollen, plants, grasses, dust mites and food.

Skin conditions, including dry and inflamed skin, are one of the major reasons dog owners visit a vet. Not only does scratching cause great discomfort for your pet, but the severity of itching in dogs with atopic dermatitis is also associated with frequent problem behaviour. Additionally, canine allergies are on the rise, affecting 10-20% of dogs, and can be triggered by seasonal allergens such as pollen, plants, and grasses.

ZamiPet Allergy & Itch can be beneficial if your dog is showing any of the following symptoms:
•    Constant itching and scratching which can be caused by:
– Atopic dermatitis
– Environmental and seasonal allergies e.g. pollen, plants, and grasses, especially during Spring
– Other allergens like dust mites and/or food
•    Red, scaly and inflamed skin
•    Excessive shedding, which can be a sign unhealthy skin follicles

Using ZamiPet Allergy & Itch supplement for dogs to take a proactive approach to the healthy maintenance of your pet’s skin can help dogs avoid many associated skin conditions.

60 Chews/300g
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