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"Snap to Clean."
Inside a handy tube, the PIDAN Cleaning Swab contains a very unique and special herbal formula. Your pet's ears will stay both healthy and clean with regular application. The cotton swabs are comfortable and allow thorough cleaning of the area without any scratching. When snapped, the swab will be saturated with fluid to help wipe the ear canal and remove dirt. Ideal for pets in need of freshly scented ears with 30 swabs that are independently sanitised and packed.

Benefits and Features:
Premium medical-grade cotton tip.
No whitening agent additives are present.
The cleanser will flow to the other tip after the ring mark has snapped.
Packed individually to prevent contamination.
Suitable for all kinds of pets.
Materials: Cotton and Purified Water.
Product Size: 7.8 x 0.5 x 0.5cm
Net Weight: 0.01kg x 30
Gross Weight: 0.03kg

Pidan Cleaning Swab 30pcs are ear cleaning swabs for pets made especially for ears that need to be healthy and clean. Mixed with an all-natural herbal solution that makes this a herbal ear cleaning swab for pets too. Pet grooming swab with premium medical-grade cotton tips, making them safe and gentle on your pet's sensitive skin.

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