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Blue Planet – 14 Day Holiday Feeder

Blue Planet – 14 Day Holiday Feeder

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Suits tropical and goldfish. Lasts up to 14 days.

Blue Planet Holiday Food Block has been designed to offer food to your aquarium fish while you aren’t home or if you have trouble feeding them for an extended period. This size fish Holiday Block will automatically feed 10-15 average size fish in a 40-60 litre aquarium for up to 14 days

By placing the block into water, the block will slowly dissolve releasing particles of food for your fish to eat. The block is a healthy way to ensure your fish receive food. To work effectively you must ensure the pH is near neutral, so test water first and adjust as required. Acidic water will make the block dissolve more quickly, while water which is too alkaline the block won’t be able to dissolve at the right pace to release the food.

Suitable for freshwater aquariums only. 


Place into your aquarium near moving water,

Not recommended for high pH water conditions.

Discard unused portions upon your return.

For best performance test pond pH to ensure a value between 6.8 and 7.2 is maintained.



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